Thursday, May 24, 2012

i'm so cool, too bad i'm a loser

Today was the first day of summer! To kick it off, last night my friends and I had a bonfire to burun all of our school papers and binders from the past year. I ate so much food. No self-control. Then my boyfriend and I went to our spot to watch the stars.

I had a job interview today, and I think it went well! I then attended my friend Tara's tea party. We drank tea and played croquet. She made me a sandwich with Nutella! It was good.

I am not going anywhere tomorrow, except maybe to run, or go to subway. i found an old binder and the contents are strewn all over my room:
So cleaning is what I will be doing tomorrow. I hope that this summer will be great! This is what I look like now:
:/ I'm still learning how to do all of this. blehh.

Have a nice day!

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